A long time ago on the island of Mauritius lived a lonely little dodo named Scamper.


One summer, Dash the passenger pigeon met Scamper on the beach, and the two birds became best friends.


Every day they would share a mango and afterward, they would tie the seed to a tree and play tetherball.

One day, Quill the laughing owl flew by and saw Scamper and Dash finishing their mango snack.

“Ha ha,” laughed the owl. “I’m gonna sail down there and pluck that seed out from under them!”

When Quill flew down, Scamper and Dash fled into the forest.


Then Quill grabbed the mango seed but got all tied up in the tether.

Scamper and Dash never saw such a silly sight.

They laughed as they helped Quill, who wasn’t laughing anymore, to get free.

And soon all three birds became the very best of friends.


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