A tiny white plane was flying through the air when all of a sudden a huge giant came and grabbed it from the sky!

WP_20140404_041 (2)“Mom, the wheel on my plane is missing.” Did she see?

“It scratches the window.” Maybe not.

“What’s this little red triangle for? – Is ‘Delta‘ the name of the airplane?”

Good afternoon passengers. This is your captain speaking. The weather looks good…

I’m gonna jump in the pool as soon as I get to grandmas! “Mom, can we go swimming at Moma’s house?”

I hope she still has those floaties. “The captain said ‘the weather looks good’, so can we, huh. – Mom, can we?”

…we are expecting to land fifteen minutes ahead of schedule.

“We’re landing in fifteen minutes?” We just took off… “Boy, this plan is fast!”

Skies are clear and sunny, with a high of 88 degrees for this afternoon. If the clouds continue to cooperate we should get a great view of the city as we descend…

“Mom, what does ‘descend’ mean?” I want a magnet from the gift shop.

“Is it like sending an email, but with people?” Maybe she won’t see the scratches.

I need a bigger magnet. “Mom, this one doesn’t work. – It won’t stick.”


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