Kids are capricious. This tin can shook like a hooked fish, bile about to pour from my nose! Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned off the Fasten Seat Belt sign… She sleeps through the whole thing, ridiculous.

WP_20140404_041Now she’s crying and carrying on cause momma put her baggage in the bin, really? ‘My baby blossom needs a bottle to be relieved‘, stupid. You’re just talking to yourself, kids can’t understand. The flight crew will be passing around beverages and a snack. Alcoholic items are also available… I need a drink.

Probably some kid and his plastic Power Ranger pacifier made all those scratches on the glass. Parents are so passive. I hope this bucket of bolts holds together or some kid will have killed us all! – No, we’re fine. Keep calm, focus. – Where’s that lady at?

“Rum and Coke, yes mam. – Oh, the cash is in that bag on the car seat, top pocket, yes there. Sorry, kids you know. – Thanks.”


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