100_7243A sigh stirred the air, and a fleck of pencil shaving drifted gently as a winter leaf from the desk’s top and into an opened drawer below. Wiry white metal carriages squeezed motionless moss-green envelopes flat, a failed accordion played its last note. One graphite smudged manila tab revealed an index card nestled in its fold. Its title, every letter meticulously placed above the thin red line, “Fibonacci Caramel Sauce“. Strange ingredients and unusual instructions followed each blue stripe. A penciled line crossed the recipe’s final directions, “serves one”, and at the end, the precarious and parenthetical words “portion control” took their place.


3 thoughts on “Control

  1. Prompts are a good way to get writing, but they often leave much to be desired as the writer is often just adding words to an image. This one here only scratches the surface of what it could be.

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