Thin flakes of jagged lacquer-edged wood littered the desk like tiny leaves after a strong autumn wind. Pointed shadows sprawled across neatly stacked sheets of unmarked paper. The pencil mug’s broken handle girded the desk lamp’s spindly base. Beneath the incandescent light, a marigold Lippincott with a freshly sharpened tip glowed above a single translucent page. A smear of gray was found within the paper’s creased corner but its master had vanished without a trace.

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  • Control (6/1/2017) - A sigh stirred the air and a fleck of pencil shaving drifted gently from the desk as a winter leaf into an opened drawer below.
  • Framed (6/2/2017) - Contemplation moved a finger along the index card's edge as desperation bumped the file drawer closed.
  • Imprints (6/5/2017) - Uncertainty hit the chair and uneasiness pulled it under the desk. Eyes fixed on a frame, an imaginary love, a distant life.
  • Anastasia  (6/6/2017) - Heavy footfalls along a stream of shallow breath. A drift onto a forested path and into the dusk of consciousness.
  • Greenpoint (6/8/2017) - Rzeszowska accosted crisp confectionery cakes but a slice of cheesy babka broke the fast.
  • Coinstar (6/9/2017) - At eight past one, the hunger that struck a prisoner of the Sands was suppressed at the hands of the McGuinness barricaded boulevard.
  • MOVES (6/12/2017) - A white ribbon tattooed with key-lime text spewed from within the nickel-and-diming money machine.
  • Exhausted (6/13/2017) - The evening opens, the scene begins and the Pratt pack enters the stage.

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