Cheeks trembled, eyelids twitched, their focus fixed straight ahead. We suggest that you keep your seat belt fastened throughout the flight, as we may experience turbulence.

As the plane taxied between the airport and open airline hangers across the tarmac, strobes of amber rays with brilliant white light bleached the sapphire globe on an in-flight magazine. Lighting will guide you towards the exit. Each door is equipped with an inflatable slide… Spastic fingers slammed the visor down. Place it firmly over your nose and mouth, secure the elastic band behind your head, and breathe normally. Eyelids snapped shut, spectacles slipped over nostrils, mouth breathing fogged the glass. To inflate the vest… A spear of mint pierced the puncture of puckered lips, bittersweet rocks of saliva swallowed.

At this time, set your electronic devices to ‘airplane’ mode until arrival. Mist filled a sweltering brow. Swirling drops spilled over hand onto the iPhone and perished on impact. Thank you for choosing Paragon Airlines. Sit back and enjoy the flight. Flailing arms clamped floating armrests. The Airbus turned towards the runway and turmoil rolled to a temporary stop. A forward moving flight attendant restrained the restraint of a total stranger, cleared for takeoff.

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  • Exhilaration (6/17/2017) - Cheeks trembled, eyelids twitched, their focus fixed straight ahead.
  • Tempermental (6/19/2017) - Kids are capricious. This tin can shook like a hooked fish, bile about to pour from my nose!
  • Interference (6/22/2017) - One hundred and one stories above Central Park, a posh and freshly cleaned cavernous floor was awakened by the dawn's first light.
  • Feedback (6/25/2017) - Golden sunlight brushed just above the placid pewter waters, blue steel beams stroked with pink on the purple canvas sky.
  • Acquiescent (6/29/2017) - A tiny white plane was flying through the air when all of a sudden a huge giant came and grabbed it from the sky!
  • Inception (7/13/2017) - From his office on the one-hundredth floor, Isaac Chavez gazed across the East River. Ants of city dwellers swarmed Central Park fifteen-hundred feet below.


Thin flakes of jagged lacquer-edged wood littered the desk like tiny leaves after a strong autumn wind. Pointed shadows sprawled across neatly stacked sheets of unmarked paper. The pencil mug’s broken handle girded the desk lamp’s spindly base. Beneath the incandescent light, a marigold Lippincott with a freshly sharpened tip glowed above a single translucent page. A smear of gray was found within the paper’s creased corner but its master had vanished without a trace.

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  • Control (6/1/2017) - A sigh stirred the air and a fleck of pencil shaving drifted gently from the desk as a winter leaf into an opened drawer below.
  • Framed (6/2/2017) - Contemplation moved a finger along the index card's edge as desperation bumped the file drawer closed.
  • Imprints (6/5/2017) - Uncertainty hit the chair and uneasiness pulled it under the desk. Eyes fixed on a frame, an imaginary love, a distant life.
  • Anastasia  (6/6/2017) - Heavy footfalls along a stream of shallow breath. A drift onto a forested path and into the dusk of consciousness.
  • Greenpoint (6/8/2017) - Rzeszowska accosted crisp confectionery cakes but a slice of cheesy babka broke the fast.
  • Coinstar (6/9/2017) - At eight past one, the hunger that struck a prisoner of the Sands was suppressed at the hands of the McGuinness barricaded boulevard.
  • MOVES (6/12/2017) - A white ribbon tattooed with key-lime text spewed from within the nickel-and-diming money machine.
  • Exhausted (6/13/2017) - The evening opens, the scene begins and the Pratt pack enters the stage.

Dear Life,

un·like·ly /ˌənˈlīklē/
adjective: not likely to happen, be done, or be true; improbable.

flaunt /flônt,flänt/
verb: display (something) ostentatiously, especially in order to provoke envy or admiration or to show defiance.

Holding On